New to the group? Please read below post for details on how everything works!


How it works -

Think of our buyers at Harper & Main like your own personal shoppers, we canvas the country (sometimes world) searching for brands that we think our customers, YOU, would love! Our buyers are here to listen to your feedback and search out and curate everything from clothing to accessories to sometimes housewares for our weekly sales. Additionally, we will post items from the Harper & Main brand at extreme discounts only offered to our Facebook Sale Group. Each Harper & Main branded item is hand printed by our team in Indianapolis.

So why join the group? -

If you hate having a specialty curated collection to choose from week-to-week and HATE a good sale with FREE shipping, then this group is not for you. 

  • This is NOT your typical boutique, items are only purchased with our suppliers IF all sizes in a run sell. Each item comes in a run that typically includes 2 smalls, 2 mediums, and 2 larges. For a run to be purchased, all sizes must be spoken for!
  • Shipping is always free unless noted otherwise!
  • Most of all, we want for this group to be a fun and relaxing mid-week place for you to enjoy and shop with friends.

The nitty-gritty on ordering -

  • To purchase an item, comment below the Facebook or Instagram post with the size you need, color if applicable and your email address. From there, a Harper & Main team member will email you right away with a link to order. All orders must be placed within an hour otherwise we will have to move to the next person in-line.
  • ALL items are pre-orders, meaning that sometimes they may take 2-3 weeks to ship to you. On some occasions items have an extended shipping time, which will be noted on the description when ordering. Please note: we ship items at different times, so you may receive multiple packages for one order. We ship items as soon as we have them in hand in order to get them to you as quickly as possible! If you are concerned that we missed an item in your order, please feel free to message us.
  • If you comment to purchase an item, you are committing to buy it! The reason we can keep prices so low is because we don't hold on to extra inventory. We only purchase items IF the run sells out. 
  • Unpaid invoices will be canceled after 24 hours of nonpayment and the item will be offered to the next person in-line. If you do not pay your invoice via the link provided to you after commenting, we will unfortunately have to remove you from the group, as we just can't afford to pay for items that don't end up being purchased.
  • Often times we can buy multiple runs of an item if the demand is there. If your size sells out for the first run, comment anyway in case another run fills!
  • If all sizes do not sell on limited run items, that item will not be purchased, and you will not receive an invoice for that item.
  • The price you see listed includes all fees/shipping/etc. This price is for one item in the size you select! Please note: PRICES ONLY INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US! FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES, PLEASE CONTACT US!
  • Because these items are offered at such low prices, we cannot offer refunds, returns, or exchanges. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 
  • Sizing varies from supplier to supplier, but typically a small is 2-4, medium is 6-8, and large is 8-12. Unless stated otherwise or the item a Harper & Main branded garment, these items are pre-orders and we do not have them in stock and cannot speak to fit. The model is always wearing a small, so your best bet it to look at how the item fits her. Please do not put two sizes down unless you are fine getting EITHER size. If you put two sizes down, we will pick for you based on what size is needed to fill a run!
  • You are also responsible for providing the correct shipping address during payment of your invoice. Harper & Main is not responsible for lost or damaged items during shipping or items being shipped to an incorrect address. We always ship to the address provided at checkout. **If you need to change your address AFTER payment, please send us an email to with "ADDRESS CHANGE" in the subject line.
  • DISCLAIMER: Because all items are pre-orders, sometimes an item sells out with a supplier before we can order it. Sometimes suppliers do not keep their stock up-to-date when we order from them. IF an item is sold out and you have already paid your invoice, we will immediately notify you and refund you. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a private message to Kelsey Adams or Lauren Adams

Thank you!